Comparing Laptop and Desktop PC

A laptop which is originally called a notebook is a more compact edition of a common desktop PC. But the benefits the laptops provide are that all their ingredients are packed into one portable notebook styled screen unit. Its weight commonly comprises from 2 to 17 pounds (one to 8 kilograms) dependent on the product, source materials and other various aspects like the manufacturer and so on. Laptops have their energy supply from a singe battery unit which is commonly attached to an external AC/DC adapter. It makes the battery course charge and provides necessary energy to the notebook as well. Many laptops possess a three-volt assisting cell to provide energy in course of power turn-offs and in locations where the energy supply is not permanent. Laptops, like personal computers, have an opportunity to process the operations which the desktop computers process. But for the similar cost they have less performance as opposite to desktop ones. This is due to one fact that the majority of blocks applied in desktop PCs are compressed to be small enough for using in notebooks.

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Laptops commonly possess LCDs and they apply different from their RAM memory units. Laptops commonly possess a trackpad (or a touchpad) which is used instead of mouse and an on-board keyboard. However, external units may also be installed if it's necessary.

The first laptop (the calling 'notebook' was not appropriate for those times, as they were grosser than models appearing nowadays) which came to the stores in 1981 was the Osborne I. Although its size was bigger and the display used was CRT, it influenced the computer-making industry in a revolutionary way. The concept of getting the work home received a new meaning. A better edition of a laptop appeared in 1983. Compaq Portable represented the first model of Compaq and replaced then really popular IBM Personal Computer with its portability option. It gained great popularity as it had greater IBM-compatibility as opposite to earlier attempts!

Perhaps, the first real notebook was the GRiD Compass 1101, manufactured by Bill Moggridge in 1982. The "notebook" style, in which the LCD display is based shut against the keys, was used for the first time. The model was covered with magnesium system unit and was able to use batteries. The notebooks which first succeeded in their popularity were the SupersPost line from Zenith Data Systems (ZDS) that were competitive to the products of some businesses like Toshiba, IBM, Compaq and so on a contract with the U.S. Air Force for producing 200,000 laptops in 1987. Thus the notebook gained its popularity and was applied in business as well as supplied to common users.

Although the laptop is a magnificent and portable unit of the era, its possesses the disadvantages, as well. The basic flaws are mentioned later.

Weaker units and standardizing:
The laptop components are small ingredients of desktop computers, thus, they are lower in their characteristics. The process of making the components smaller affects the laptop costs, thus making them commonly higher in price than the desktop computers. Likewise, laptops perform without failures only on a steady energy supply, although presupposed to portable. However, the contemporary age has eliminated this disadvantage of laptops.

Durability Problems:
The mobility, design, integrated content constitution, and the style of the laptops provide their heightened exposure to shock, physical damage and wear as opposite to desktop PCs. The most sorrow issue is that the price of a new LCD display, or motherboard, in case of damages, may exceed the price of an entire laptop!

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